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How can I help NO STV inform British Columbians before the May 12, 2009 referendum vote on STV?

  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.

  • Call in to a radio talk show to express your concerns about STV.

  • Tell your friends, neighbours and co-workers about STV; refer them to this website for information.

  • Join our Society. Any resident of British Columbia who is eligible to vote can join the No BC-STV Campaign Society by writing or emailing the Secretary ( with the applicant's name, address and phone or email. All eligible applicants shall be accepted as members upon receipt of their request.

    Please send an email requesting to be a member, include your name, address and phone number.

    The Society is incorporated under the BC Society Act. The bylaws of the Society are Schedule B of that Act.

  • Make a much-appreciated financial contribution to No BC-STV Campaign Society.

    The Society is not a charity and no tax deductible receipts can be issued. But you will have our thanks!

    Donated funds will be used to cover expenses not included in the public funding.

    The referendum regulation provides restrictions and says:

      "(6) A member of the opponent group or the proponent group must not use public money except to do one or more of the following:
         (a) to produce or sponsor and make available to the public, in any manner but without charge to the public,
            (i) information or advertising by means of print or electronic media of any kind, or
            (ii) materials that include printed information or advertising,
    but not to incur a capital expense;
         (b) to hold or sponsor an event that any member of the public may attend without charge, but not to incur a capital expense;
         (c) to fund or recover administrative expenses incurred in relation to an activity referred to in paragraph (a) or (b)."

    Please send your cheque or money order (Sorry, we cannot accept credit card donations at this time) to:

    No BC-STV Campaign Society
    c/o Suite 207 - 1600 West Sixth Ave.
    Vancouver, BC V6J 1R3

  • Request a NO STV speaker for a public event in your community. Send us an email by clicking here.

    It is difficult for our volunteers to attend all of the community events. Over 720,000 voters rejected BC-STV in the 2005 referendum so we are hopeful that many people will volunteer to speak out. Please feel free to print materials from this website and use them in your discussions. There are bound to be people in any group who voted against STV in the last referendum and who will be willing to contribute to small group discussions.



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