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NEWS RELEASE Tuesday May 6, 2009

Brian R. D. Smith, Q.C., BC's Attorney General from 1983-1988, writes: "Hardly anyone I meet understands STV or the way that their vote will end up transferred to their second or third choices."
(click here for the full release ...)

NEWS RELEASE Tuesday May 5, 2009

NO STV welcomes support from both business and labour in saying No to the Single Transferable in May 12 referendum; Vancouver Board of Trade and Canadian Union of Public Employees-BC both oppose STV

VANCOUVER - NO STV, the group opposing the Single Transferable Vote, today welcomed support from both business and labour organizations who are advising their members to reject STV in the May 12 provincial referendum on electoral systems.
(click here for the full release ...)

NEWS RELEASE       Wednesday April 22, 2009

Ipsos Reid poll shows almost equal support for First Past The Post and Single Transferable Vote in May 12 provincial electoral system referendum - 43% for STV, 41% for current FPTP system. (click here for the full release ...)

Click here for Ipsos Reid backgrounder.

And click here for Ipsos Reid detailed tables.

NEWS RELEASE       Friday April 17, 2009

NO STV says Single Transferable Vote won't help women be elected as MLAs in BC; two prominent women say vote against STV in May 12 referendum. (more ...)

NEWS RELEASE       Sunday January 11, 2009

NO BC-STV Campaign Society chosen by province as official NO proponent on Single Transferable Vote in May 2009 referendum; group successfully fought STV in 2005 vote as "KNOW STV" (more ...)



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